Around the year 2006, David Hobby started a very popular blog called Its main purpose is teaching how to use off-camera flash. Due to the exploding market aroused by the evolution of the digital camera, photography was accessible to the larger public and many of them became interested in exploring the world of light. 

Basically it gives ideas about how to use small portable flashes, those ones you normally put on the camera, but off-camera. This creates a wide range of new possibilities and outputs. 

The light can be enhanced through different modifiers. The best news is it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. Many modifiers can be made yourself and moreover, there are lots of cheap new products available from China.

All in all, the most important part is to understand how to use the light and the camera, since a fool with a tool, is still... a fool!


10 principles for the strobist 

  1. Never use a large light source if a small light source will do the job as well
  2. Find the lightest material, but assure you that it works
  3. Do not use a cable if you can work wireless
  4. Make sure all your flashes fit into a small bag (mobility)
  5. Do not light space, but light the focal planes!
  6. Always use the available light
  7. Beautiful light never comes from your camera, remove the flash away from it and use it off-camera
  8. Never spend money on accessories that you can easily make yourself
  9. Take an extra flash with you, you never know in advance what you will need
  10. Packing and unpacking should not take longer as the shoot itself


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